Sin Martin is an interdisciplinary artist who uses explores feminism through the lens of materiality; her practice bridges disciplines of performance, political activism, writing, installation, and public art practice, education, and painting.  Driven by her love of pole dance, she is especially concerned with celebrating sacred sexuality, the divine feminine, rituals of care, and radical joy.


Her current project titled THOTS & Prayers: The Pink Mass is a provocative subversion of a Catholic Mass, meant to activate awareness of how puritanical shame-based practices still impact bodily autonomy and politics to this day.  Using absurdity to examine how beliefs are materially constructed, a sermon is delivered and religious rituals are repurposed to abolish the idea that sex and pleasure are sinful.  The Pink Mass aims to create a space where womxn can come together and exist without apology while providing a more comprehensive sexuality education that prioritizes joy, safety, respect, and consent.